Zanabili Soap

 40 % Zanabili Soap

Cleanses and purifies the skin thanks to the laurel-berry oil’s antiseptic, disinfectant and soothing properties, while the olive oil protects and moistens the skin, preventing it from becoming irritated and dry. Its 40% laurel-berry oil concentration is ideal for cleansing excessively oily skins, acne, impurities and skin infections. Its natural and fresh scent produces a feeling of relaxation.


Format: 150 g bar 


Olea europaea oil, laurus nobilis oil, sodium hydroxide, aqua

Recommendations for use

  • Care of delicate and excessively oily skin types: or those with acne, infections and impurities
  • As shampoo to treat greasy hair and dandruff, regenerating the scalp 
  • As shaving cream
  • As face cleanser. Create abundant lather, leave for 1 minute, wash and rinse with abundant water

*In case of allergies and skin problems, please see your dermatologist first.


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